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Not everyone likes to stand up from their beds in the morning, let alone go for a brisk walk. But after reading this article, I think you will begin to give daily walk a trial and eventually turn it into a daily must-do activity. Daily walking has more health benefits than you know and can also equal to any other exercise, as it keeps you fit and healthy. Below are some of the health benefits of walking daily.


Daily Walking Can Improve Your Heart Health

Walking daily has been proven to decrease the chances of a person developing heart disease. When possible, take the stairs rather than an elevator.

A study of 229 postmenopausal women had one group walk one mile a day and the other group did what they normally do every day. After 10 years, the study showed that the group that walked on a regular basis had an 82 percent lower risk of heart disease.

Some people use electronic devices that count their steps each day. If you do this, and you take 10,000 steps per day, you will have a positive effect on your heart as well. Walking is a good activity for a healthy heart.


You’ll Feel Less ‘Backed Up’

Regular walks can help the digestive process and reduce the symptoms of constipation! Not the most glamorous of benefits, but something worth noting! If you suffer from constipation, you are probably all too familiar with that heavy, “backed up” feeling that leaves you feeling bloated and sluggish.

If this is the case, get ready to start thanking your morning walk for putting you back on the straight and narrow! A regular walking routine greatly improves gastric mobility and gets your digestive system moving along nicely.


Reduce Arthritis Pain

If you walk for 30 to 60 minutes every day, you will get the best arthritis pain relief naturally. Walking helps reduce inflammation and stiffness in your joints.

When you start, go at a slower pace and gradually build up to walking faster and longer. You will feel great.


Reduce Excess Weight

One of the most obvious benefits of daily walking is that you will be able to gradually reduce excess weight that you have been carrying around.

If you walk at a good clip, and for at least 30 to 45 minutes each day, you will begin to notice that your clothes are a bit looser. Keep it up and you may need a new wardrobe.


Manage High Blood Pressure

It has been reported that walking daily can lower blood pressure naturally. Many people claim they don’t have time to do a 30 or 45-minute walk each day.

Good news! New studies show that several 10-minute brisk walks can be as helpful as one longer walk. Walk in the morning for 10 minutes. Take a 10-minutes stroll at lunchtime and then again after work.

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